Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning to everyone gathered here this morning. I am honored to warmly welcome you to the 66th Independence Anniversary celebration here at the Naa Sidiki Bomi’s Park.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Independence Day marks the end of British rule in 1957, and the establishment of a free sovereign and independent Ghanaian nation. For this, every 6th March of the year brings ecstatic joy, happiness and pride to the good people of Ghana including all of us gathered here and beautifully turned out for this great day.

 6thMarch, every year presents opportunities to celebrate our past and present heroes who played key roles and sacrificed a lot in the struggle for independence, and for us to also consolidate our gains since independence. I therefore crave the indulgence of all herein gathered to join me, and the rest of Ghana to salute our gallant forefathers who fought to achieve independence for us, which has made it possible for you and I to live in freedom today.

Indeed, I am extremely gladdened about the impressive and smart turnout of our Security Services and School Children this morning. This morning’s display is a manifestation of the ‘Ghanaian can do spirit’. This must be commended.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Theme for this year’s celebration, “Our Unity, Our Strength, our purpose” is apt and timely. I am motivated and overwhelmed by the theme as we are also confronted with disunity tendencies within Ghana and across the globe which leads to insecurity, conflicts and disturbances. We hear of chieftaincy, ethnic and land disputes and conflicts stretching from north, south, east and west. Disputes and conflict retards development, we should therefore do all it takes to sustain the peace and unity which is prevailing in the Municipality and region at large. We need to collaborate and work together to achieve the purpose we desire as Municipality. I am therefore using this opportunity to call on all stakeholders to have a united front on the education of our children. Let us all use our differences as our strength in diversity and perspective towards the development of education and the Municipality. All stakeholders, the Assembly, Education service, our Traditional Authorities, Parents, Teachers and Children have our diverse roles to play to promote education. Let us therefore play our various roles as a coordinated effort for our own good. Let us all use our differences as our Strength in diversity and perspective towards the development of the education and the Municipality.

My Dear Students and Pupils, as you may be aware you are our future leaders and will definitely take over from us when the time comes. Some years ago I was like anyone of you, and through hard work and discipline today I stand here as the MCE. This is to let you know that, as the future leaders you need to study hard,  be disciplined, humble and determined that one day you will all be leaders and will not be found wanting.

As we celebrate our Independence Anniversary, I will like to challenge you to emulate the qualities of the founding fathers towards building a prosperous nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NPP government under the leadership of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, in his quest to make education accessible to all children under the Free Senior High School policy covers all the fees for students admitted to Public Senior and Vocational High Schools, including boarding fees, meals, textbooks and other charges. I want to express my profound appreciation to His Excellency for this novelty, which is providing thousands of children with Free SHS Education. We may not realize the gains now but in the near future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it will interest you to note that Government is also focusing on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a means of getting the youth employable skills when they complete their training. This will curb the high numbers of unemployed graduates in the system.

Naa Chairman, let me also acknowledge with gratitude the untiring efforts of our hardworking teachers who despite the myriad of challenges are working tirelessly day and night to achieve results. I therefore seize the opportunity to commend and congratulate teachers for good job done.

Without the tireless effort of the organizers, especially members of the Planning Committee, this event would not be a success. I thank you all. I equally thank the chiefs and people of the Waala Traditional Area for their support and cooperation, which has aided and facilitated the development of the Municipality so far.

Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to remind all and sundry that the Warm season is here with us. I appeal to our dynamic Hon. Assembly Members, Eminent Chiefs, Unit Committee Members to sensitize our people about the devastating impact of Cerebro Spinal Maningitis (CSM). So I wish to advise residents to stay in well ventilated areas in order not to contract CSM and also avoid overcrowded areas, and direct contact with people coughing or sneezing. We should drink a lot of water to remain hydrated.

On this note, once again, I commend the Security Agencies for your effort and support; I also commend the Teachers, our Traditional Authorities and the general public for your support and for your presence. I thank you all and wish you a happy 66th Independence Celebration

Long Live Wa Municipal.

Long Live Mother Ghana

‘Ya Barika’