Chaanhaa Pognaa Calls on Muslims to Pray for Homosexuals

The Queen Mother of Chaahaa, who doubled as the Wa Municipal Coordinating Director, Hajia Fati Issaka Koray I, has called on the Muslim fraternity in the Upper West Region to use the opportunity of the Eid-Ul Adha festival to pray for people practicing homosexuality in the region. In an interview with Info Radio at her residence in Wa on the Eid day, the Chaahaa Pognaa said the issue of homosexuality in the region is gaining attention hence the need for Muslims to join hands and pray for those engaged in those ungodly act to repent and change their ways.
Pognaa Hajia Fati Issaka Koray I, also advise market women and other traders to follow the Covid-19 safety guidelines, which include washing their hands frequently with soap and the wearing a face mask to avoid contracting the deadly virus.
The Queen Mother also stated that she will work with traditional leaders in the Chaanhaa community in the Wa Municipality to end child marriage.
According to her, she will ensure every girl child in the Chaahaa community gets trained in a skill of their choice in order to aid in the eradication of the threat while also improving their economic prospects.