The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin, together with the Municipal Coordinating Director, Hajia Pognaa Fati Issaka Koray, and the municipal education director of education today took part of their precious time to visit the various exam centers in the municipality as basic education certificate examination commences.

The main purposes for the visit among others are to give the candidates moral support and to admonish them to be confident in what they write and not comprise their integrity.

The MCE had this to say:

“We are here as your parents and guardians to pray for you and to encourage you to write well in independence. What you are going to do is not different from what you always do in your various schools. So don’t get panic, don’t get frighten, don’t be nervous. Just be bold and active and make sure you write what you know.

Have confidence in your selves as we are solidly behind you with prayers so that at the end of the day, you all come out with flying colors, we pray you all get your first-choice schools. If you couldn’t write well in any of the papers, don’t get soo worried, make sure you prepare well for the rest of the papers. So don’t get panic as that could affect the rest of the papers.

We are here as your parents and guidance to wish you well because we would like to hand over the mantle of leadership to you.

We were all like you years back. We didn’t know we could come this far. Indeed, you will face challenges, the road may be muddy and rough but we as your parents trust that you will conquer, inshaa-allah we will get future leaders for this country, this region, and this municipality from you.


Go for gold!!!”.